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Cranial Surgery

Our team of board-certified neurosurgeons understands that a brain tumor diagnosis can turn your world upside down. Brain surgery is not an easily acceptable reality, but rest assured that you are in the best hands in the nation. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists in neurosurgery, radiology, pain management and physiatry integrate a full range of neurosurgical care for your diagnosis, treatment and long-term recovery from various nervous system disorders that include:

  • Brain tumors – Benign and malignant tumors, such as astrocytomas, gliomas and glioblastomas that emerge inside the skull and are formed by an accumulation of abnormal cells. Side effects and symptoms of brain tumors range from severe headaches and seizures to extreme fatigue.
  • Aneurysms - Brain aneurysms, or intracranial aneurysms, are characterized as weak spots on a blood vessel that cause the outward bulging of an arterial wall, resembling a balloon-like shape. Continuous blood flow increases pressure within the vessel, eventually causing what is called a ruptured aneurysm.
  • Traumatic brain injury - TBI is a complex injury to the brain that leads to serious cognitive and physical problems if left untreated. TBI can occur while playing sports or during a high-velocity car accident. Sudden acceleration/deceleration impacts jolt the brain back and forth, altering cerebral blood flow and pressure within the skull.
  • Infections - Infection in the brain, or brain abscess, occurs as bacteria, viruses or fungi infect surrounding structures. In defense against the invasion, the brain begins to swell to protect itself. Pressure then proceeds to push on delicate tissues, requiring brain surgery for pressure and infection relief.

Minimally Invasive Technology

Revolutionary technology has dramatically altered neurosurgery over the past couple of decades, making brain surgery a little less fearful. We integrate a full range of advanced imaging technology for in-depth visual guidance and finely crafted instruments for anatomical precision. Cranial surgery can be performed through non-invasive techniques, minimally invasive procedures and craniotomy. One of our neurosurgeons will speak directly with you to discuss each option and determine which is best suited for your condition.

Non-invasive techniquesStereotactic radiosurgery is a procedure that utilizes large doses of targeted radiation beams to kill a brain tumor or destroy a lesion in the brain. This technique poses a direct challenge to traditional brain surgery, as it is a knifeless procedure that allows for surrounding brain structures to remain untouched.

Minimally invasive procedures - Interventional radiology techniques include an angioplasty, brain stents, brain shunts and embolization for the treatment of cerebrovascular conditions and tumors. Patients can experience an accelerated recovery motivated by reduced pain and less visible scarring.

Craniotomy - Large or complex craniotomies, also known as skull base surgery, involves the surgical removal of part of the skull to access the brain to locate the abnormality. This form of brain surgery is used when brain tumors and other conditions are otherwise inaccessible or unable to be treated with less invasive techniques.

Take Control of Your Life

A diagnosis is not the end of the road; it is the beginning of a journey. So, begin your journey with us where our highly skilled neurosurgeons are dedicated to helping you enter the next chapter of your life. Brain surgery has evolved beyond the limitations of yesteryear in order to grant patients like you an opportunity to return to the life they knew before in a faster and safer manner. Trust in our medical team for a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

Innovative surgical treatment awaits you at NOSS. Schedule a consultation today with one of our neurosurgeons in Connecticut at 203-755-NOSS (6677), or 1-800-463-8764 to learn more about your options.