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Not Just Brain Surgery

Often associated strictly with brain surgery, neurosurgery integrates critical structural components of the nervous system, branching off into brain and spine injury and disease. The field is ever-changing and expanding as research continues to revolutionize surgical techniques and nonsurgical solutions. Exceptional skill is required for neurosurgeons to adequately resect, repair, or reconstruct abnormalities and damaged areas.

Neurosurgery is Ever-Evolving

Neurosurgery has evolved from high-risk surgery to minimally invasive procedures that solely focus on the affected areas of the brain, neck and spine. Patients suffering from brain tumors, head trauma, and debilitating conditions find themselves at the center of a specialized team of doctors dedicated to helping a patient live a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

For the Community

As a commitment to the community, our practice upholds high ethical standards, exceptional patient-doctor relationships, and world-class neurosurgical care. Our neurosurgeons at NOSS use the latest technology to enhance your healing and recovery time. However complex your condition or trauma, we have the treatment for you.